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DIY: How to knit a dog sweater

Photo: Drops Design
  1. The big knick-special in the Tina
  2. Material:
  3. Knitting pattern for a dog sweater

The big knick-special in the Tina

Even our four-legged friends suffer in winter under the cold. A self-knitted dog sweater can help. Here are the instructions.

The abbreviations at a glance:

  • right: right
  • Left: Left
  • Round: round
  • str .: knit
  • MS: pattern set
  • M .: mesh
  • Nd: needle
  • initially: increase
  • U .: envelope
  • bind off: bind off
  • LL .: run length
  • continued: continuous
  • R .: row
  • initially: increase
  • Rdm .: edge stitch
  • decrease: decrease
  • over / under: cover
  • Connection: stop
  • knl .: ball
  • N .: Needle
  • U: envelope
  • Lm .: air mesh

Sizes: XS - S - M

Since the sweater is knitted in the ribbed pattern, it looks a bit small. The work is very elastic.

Chest circumference: approx. 28/32 - 40/44 - 48/52 cm

Back part: about 24 - 32 - 40 cm

Example of breeds: XS = Chihuahua, S = Bichon Frisé, M = Cocker Spaniel


  • Garnstudios DROPS Fable 50-100-150 gr. Fb. No. 521, black / brow / blue gray
  • Garnstudios DROPS Alpaca 50-50-100 gr. Fb. No. 6309, blue gray
  • Garnstudios DROPS Puddel 50-50-50 gr. Fb. No. 08, coke gray
  • DROPS Needle no. 4 (a round knitting needle for size M.) Stitch sample: 19 sts x 25 r with 1 thread of each quality = 10 x 10 cm.
  • DROPS Needle Game and Circular Needle No. 3.
  • DROPS crochet hook No. 6.

All yarns are DROPS yarns. Color cards and dealer proof can be found at Cost to rework this model: from about 13.35 EUR

Knitting pattern for a dog sweater


The work is knitted from top to bottom. Cast on 48-64-80 sts (small circular needles needle) and 4-6-8 cm 2 re./2 l. With 1 strand of fable and 1 strand of alpaca on double pointed needles size 4 mm. knit.

Then 1 row left. knit (here the sts are taken for the hood). Then knit 1 round of rib and on the next row every other 2 left-hand piece on 3 l. increase = 54-72-90 sts. After 6-10-14 cm the remaining 2 left batches to 3 l. increase = 60-80-100 sts. Continue with the cuff (2 sts / 3 ls). Divide into 8-12-16 cm as follows: 2 r. cast off, put the next 13-18-23 sts on a stitch holder (= under the stomach), 2 sts. Cast off. Knit the remaining 43-58-73 sts as before.

Continue to knit the cuff over this st (= back piece) until this piece measures 5-8-10 cm. Then place the stitches on a thread.

Put the sts on the first needle back onto the needle (13-18-23 sts under the stomach) and knit ribs 5-8-10 cm. Now put all sts on a double pointed needles and hit 2 new sts between the pieces. = 60-80-100 sts. Continue to knit the cuff until the piece measures 19-27-34 cm.

Now lower the middle 9-10-13 sts under the stomach. and now knit the work back and forth. On both sides, every 2 rounds, cast off 2 sts 2 times, 1 st 2 to 5 times, 2 sts 1 time, and 3 sts 1 time. Then the remaining M. abk. The work now measures approx. 24-34-44 cm.


Pick up 36-52-64 sts around the opening with 1 thread fable on needle size 3, and knit 3-5-7 cm cuffs (2 sts / 2nd left). Then re. over re. and li. over left Cast off. Repeat on the other side.


The neck at the left. fold knitted R. towards the inside and into the left. Pick up sts on circular needle No. 3 42-54-66 sts (do not pick 6-10-14 sts on bottom of neck). 1 row left knit and at the same time take 70-90-110 sts evenly distributed (ie knit 1 st and pick up in 2 sts). Knit 3 rows garter st over each side until piece measures 12-16-20 cm. Do not bind off the work but knit it together and at the same time abk.

crochet border:

Crochet one edge around the hood, at the bottom of the sweater and around the legs, with a puddle on needle number 6.When: 1 sc in the first st, * 1 ch, skip 1 cm, 1 dc in the next M. *,

You can find the template as PDF for download here!

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