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Sad photo proof: Miley Cyrus seems to be scribbling

How unhappy is Miley Cyrus really?

Miley Cyrus

She loves to make her fans believe that everything is going perfectly well in her life and has every reason to be happy: in love with Liam Hemsworth, the new album is on her way, she is still considered the most sought after teen -Star. But how is Miley Cyrus doing well? The Grammy Gala did not just feature a provocatively cut dress with even the nipples sticking out. Above all, their forearms, which were littered with cuts, caused a lot of talk, which unfortunately look very much like the 20-year-old had inflicted on herself. Miley Cyrus's suspicious wounds are not from her animals Miley Cyrus has been suspected of maiming several times, but in the past she had always scraped the wounds on her arms and wrists with scratches from her animals, which in this case seems totally unrealistic, Should her happy recent interviews as well as her happy twittering be just a fa├žade? SE

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