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24 things you would never do for your partner

What HE does not like: a millisecond after the orgasm "I love you" must whisper in her ear.
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What does YOU want? What does he want? We know more!

It is said that during sex anything is allowed that both partners enjoy. And that's the point! A man and a woman unpack: each one of his 12 personal No-Gos for bed. Quite subjectively, of course ... 24 things that you would never do for your partner !

HE WOULD NEVER: Read one of the 5, 000 counselors on female orgasm. If she can help him somehow, please tell him nicely. Or show.

YOU WOULD NEVER: sleep with someone just out of pity.

HE WOULD NEVER: Stay awake for twenty minutes after having sex. First look in love, then cuddle, look in love again, say how beautiful she is, look again in love ...

YOU WOULD NEVER: Sleep with someone just out of gratitude. Except sometimes. From the many experiences she has ... How? What? Numerous? Well - yes.

HE WOULD NEVER: Never masturbate again.

SHE WOULD NEVER: lie when asked how many men she slept with.

HE WOULD NEVER: masturbate, and she looks (so she can see how it works).

YOU WOULD NEVER: Pretend an orgasm. Otherwise he'll never learn how to do it right. She expects him to be honest. If you can, from the beginning.

HE WOULD NEVER: Massage her feet warmly for half an hour, so that she takes off her cuddly, grandma hand-knitted wool socks in bed.

YOU WOULD NEVER: Get a genital piercing, because he finds it cool.

HE WOULD NEVER: Shave before sex (neither up nor down!), Because she thinks that even light stubble is a gross impertinence for her complexion.

YOU WOULD NEVER: Wrap yourself in cling film, because he finds it cool.

HE WOULD NEVER: Join in a brisk threesome - unless the third person is a woman.

SHE WOULD NEVER: Let her armpit hair grow because he finds it cool.

HE WOULD NEVER: The Playmate of the year also "totally artificial and non-exotic" ("Look, the left breast, do you see the contours of the silicone pad?").

YOU WOULD NEVER: Shave your pubes to a landing strip for better orientation. Conversely, she does not want to sleep with anyone who is as naked as Rocco Siffredi.

HE WOULD NEVER: Change the bed linen immediately after sex or, very bad, get a towel to lie down, so there are no stains.

SHE WOULD NEVER: Actually do nothing that you could see late at night on 9Live. Not because she's afraid of adventure, but because swinger clubs are not an adventure for her, but a joke.

HE WOULD NEVER: hang up "Like a Virgin" by Madonna, in jeans and bodyshirt stroll into the bedroom, in turn sit down on a chair, lascivious lolling and go ya slowly out.

SHE WOULD NEVER: Do not strip unless she's a bit blue.

HE WOULD NEVER: whisper in her ear a millisecond after the orgasm "I love you".

SHE WOULD NEVER: She will not make any suggestions for a couple exchange, a stranger and a threesome. Sex takes place in the head. If he is thinking of someone else, it ruins every thought of sex.

HE WOULD NEVER: For three years after the birth of the first child renounce sex, because the sweet little girl only falls asleep when she is between her & him in bed.

YOU WOULD NEVER: Think of something other than sting during tantric massage, not sex at all.

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