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House cleaning: 6 tips for more motivation

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Get started instead of postponing

We like to push unpleasant things like house cleaning in front of us. We have many excuses. We show you how to motivate yourself.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, just not today. Every day we invent enough excuses to keep ourselves busy with house cleaning. But if you stick to these tips, you will soon be more motivated and realize that cleaning can be really fun.

Her excuse: "It's no fun."

Our tip for more motivation: If you are thinking of brushing your teeth, you should find ways to make the whole thing more beautiful. How about good music, for example? The more you like it, the more you concentrate on the beautiful sounds, rather than on the brushing. Since the housework is done in no time.

Her excuse: "I have no time."

Our tip for more motivation: If we are honest, the sentence means: We just do not take our time. Plan the house cleaning firmly. It is usually harder for us to ignore fixed dates. In addition, we can provide the necessary motivation for work that is firmly integrated into our everyday lives.

Her excuse: "There is always something in between."

Our tip for more motivation: If we do not feel like doing something, we like to be distracted. Set a deadline and bet with your partner, for example, until when you will be ready. Time pressure, also artificial, prevents long hesitation. In addition, even a small cleaning competition could incite to better benefits.

Her excuse: "I can not do it anyway."

Our tip for more motivation: Some projects seem so big that we do not even bother us. Better: split the company into small steps. The house cleaning, for example, starts in the bathroom, then it is sucked and so on. Once a point has been dealt with, tick it off.

Her excuse: "I have none of this."

Our tip for more motivation: For compulsory tasks you may be motivated with a reward. When a task is done, for example, there is a delicious cappuccino!

Her excuse: "I'm too tired."

Our tip for more motivation: After work, you still want to bring your apartment up to scratch, but would you rather on the sofa? Anyone who overcomes, will notice: exercise - so cleaning - makes you wake up quickly. Remember how well you will feel after that because you have achieved something - that motivates!

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