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A comedy to bite: "The Anonymous Romantics

A film for all who also know the funny side of love and appreciate a magical-picturesque storytelling.

Jean-Pierre Ameris's comedy sums up crazy situations with great poetry. Isabelle Carré ("Hideaway", François Ozon's "Return to the Sea") and Benoît Poelvoorde ("Nothing to Decline", " Coco Chanel ", "Man Bites Dog") find her with humor, warmth and depth as a charming, contact-shy couple very personal recipe for love. And that's exactly what "Anonymous Romantics" is about: dark, velvety-sweet, subtly aromatic - Angélique is extremely inventive in producing seductive chocolate creations. But she faints when she needs to address someone. Jean-René runs a chocolate factory, but in his dealings with people, he panics. While Angélique comes to terms with her over-sensitivity in a support group, Jean-René tries to overcome his inhibitions with individual therapy. When Jean-René's factory confuses the new job as a distributor, the hurdles she has to overcome are enormous. But compared to Jean-René's fear of her own feelings, her situation is almost child's play. For the unexpected affection for his new colleague is a limitless challenge that Jean-René encounters with unorthodox means.

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