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Video: Woman runs through New York without pants

No pants in New York: Model Leah Jung should test how exactly her fellow human beings look.
Photo: YouTube / ModelPrankstersTV

Video should be a social experiment

A model runs through the streets of New York City without pants. Her jeans are just painted. But do the passersby notice that at all?

More than 8.4 million people live in the metropolis of New York City . Does a single person ever notice? Maybe if she does not wear pants? The video below should provide an answer to this question.

Even if it looks like this at first glance, the woman in the video below does not really wear pants. In truth, she wears nothing but a tight string thong below. The jeans we see are just painted. Before model Leah Jung walked the streets of New York, she was painted by airbrush artists.

However, her fellow human beings do not really notice the shenanigans. The young woman runs through NYC without pants and is actually hardly viewed. Even a shop assistant, who is forcing Model Leah Jung to examine her trousers with a question, does not realize that the woman really does not care. Whether in the subway, in the middle of the street or in the shopping center - Leah's bare butt is not noticed by her environment.

Only one man is dizzy and can not help but pull out his smartphone and take a picture.

Would we have noticed if the model from Video had passed us by?