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Romantic bag with flowers

  • 1 paper bag (craft shop, eg

      by Rico design)
    • 1 small glass jar (or washed small yoghurt cup)
    • 1 bunch of pearl hyacinths
    • 1 stalk of Ammi majus
    • knife
    • 1 small piece of blue felt or linen fabric
    • 2 wooden buttons in heart shape (haberdashery department)
    • 1 eyelet in light blue (craft shop)
    • Light blue fine bast band
    • Punch and riveting pliers
    • scissors
    • Sewing machine and matching yarn
    • sewing needle

    1. Place small water-filled glass in the unfolded bag.

    2. Insert pearl hyacinths and the stem Ammi majus.

    3. Cut out a 2.5 x 4.5 cm rectangle for the felt sign and 2 x 4 cm for the linen fabric.

    4. Sew linen fabric onto the felt and lightly fray the edges.

    5. Sew on heart buttons in the middle.

    6. Punch a hole in the top of the felt and attach it with the eyelet.

    7. Hang the shield with fine bast tape on the bag.