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Prince Michael of Prussia brings out a book

Prussia's Glory

Since the magnificent wedding at the end of August in Potsdam, little has been heard of the "Prussians". But they are still there - the descendants of the last German emperor. Among the most industrious of them is Prince Michael of Prussia !

The 71-year-old great-grandson of Kaiser Wilhelm II lives with his wife Princess Brigitte in Swabia just a stone's throw from the Hohenzollern Castle and has been working very successfully as a publicist for years. Quite fresh Prince Michael of Prussia has now published the book "Frederick the Great" in Signé Lingen Verlag. The illustrated book (14.95 Euro) is a tribute to the probably most famous king, the family of the Hohenzollern has produced. But do not worry - the reader does not expect a heavy meal. Instead, Prince Michael and his team of authors serve beautiful pictures and easily understandable texts. You have thought of those who only want to get a taste of Prussia's glory, without wanting to study history. Why the book is published right now is quick to say: Once Christmas is upon us, such a beautiful ribbon is a good gift, and on the other hand, we are slowly approaching January 24, 2012. On this day, 300 years ago, Friedrich became born of the Big One, so that it can be assumed that the "enlightened monarch, general and philosopher" will be in full conversation again at the beginning of next year. Until now, between 2008 and 2011, by Prince Michael of Prussia appeared in the same publisher and in a similar presentation: " In the footsteps of the German monarchies ", " Visiting Prussia's kings ", " The Staufer "and" The Prussians on the Rhine ". >> Order the book" Frederick the Great "from Amazon