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Grützbeutel: definition, causes and symptoms

The Grützbeutel is a benign swelling of the skin . Medically, the Grützbeutel belongs to the tumors, but the Grützbeutel is no real danger. Grützbeutel usually form on the head or neck. But you can also attack other parts of the body, such as elbows. This is how a poultice bag is made : First, a sebaceous gland clogs. Then a cyst forms, which gradually grows. It is filled with fatty substances and cell material. Hence the name Grützbeutel. The exact cause of the formation of the Grützbeutel is unknown and seems to be conditioned. Anyone who discovers a grits pouch should definitely have them examined to rule out serious skin diseases !

Patients should not drive around on a grits pouch, as otherwise it can easily lead to a bacterial infection . Not infrequently inflame inflamed Grützbeutel and a purulent liquid ("groats") flows out. The benign tumors are sometimes so small that they hardly attract attention to other people. However, sometimes the Grützbeutel grow to the size of a tennis ball. In pain sufferers only rarely suffer. If grits become inflamed, complications are possible and it must be prevented that other skin regions are infected.

Grützbeutel: treatment

A small surgical procedure will easily remove a grits pouch. It is important that the Grützbeutel is completely eliminated, so he does not grow back. The removed tissue must then be examined as a precaution. Because even if everything points to a harmless Grützbeutel, only an analysis in the laboratory can exclude a malignant tumor with certainty.

Grützbeutel: prevention and self-help

Since Grützbeutel be conditioned, you can not specifically prevent them. In addition, there is no way of self-healing, if you have a Grützbeutel . Only a dermatologist can treat the Grützbeutel.

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