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Wardrobe made of decoupage MDF boards

That's what you need:

Photo: deco & style
  • MFD boards (hardware store)
  • cream-colored varnish (eg 2-in-1 varnish from Alpina, DIY store)
  • Wrapping paper (eg from Schacht & Westrich)
  • Decopatch adhesive (eg from Brause, craft shop)
  • Hooks (deco shop)
  • brush
  • scissors
  • soft brush
  • Screws and screwdrivers

It's that easy:

1. Cut MDF boards to the desired size in the hardware store.

2. Paint plates with paint. Let dry.

3. Copy a house from the wrapping paper in the copy shop and cut it out.

4. Soak paper briefly in water. Coat the plates with Decopatch glue.

5. Place paper and repaint with Decopatch glue.

6. Screw on the hook.