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I BEG YOUR PARDON? In Japan there's a condom cookbook

What you can do with condoms, now tells us a book from Japan ...
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Safe Sex Thanks to Sushi Recipe? This cookbook tries

Cooking with gums? Sounds pretty weird, crazy and somehow disgusting. But the condoms cookbook, which is now on the market in Japan, has a serious background.

Do you like condoms? Nah, who does that? They are annoying, embarrassing, disturbing. But unfortunately indispensable and the easiest protection ever. High time that condoms lose their pubertal image! They also have advantages: They are easy to use and easy to get. No prescription or doctor's visit.

Speaking of recipe (höhö) in Japan is now a cookbook on the market, roughly translated the title "condom meals that I would like to do for you" carries. But do not worry: author Kyosuke Kagami uses condoms only in the preparation, not as an ingredient.

Sounds pretty weird and crazy at first, but the condoms cookbook has a serious background: In recent decades, fewer and fewer Japanese use rubber - and the number of HIV-infected and AIDS-ill people is rising. The condoms made in Japan are thinner than the average rubber, the result: they can tear faster. In addition, venereal diseases are often underestimated, many whistle on safe sex, true to the motto "There's nothing happening". Only 42 percent of Japanese men claim to use a condom regularly during sex.

The cookbook presents 11 recipes, including condom sushi, condom escargot or condoms meatballs. Who has now appetite: The book is now available on Amazon as an eBook to buy. A first look into the condom cookbook 's up there.