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Quite sleek: invitation card with floral greeting

A nice card with floral greeting

New paper cut reinterpreted

A classic is back: the silhouette. We have reinterpreted the centuries old technique and came out with this beautiful invitation card with floral greeting. With the craft instructions with cut template, you can easily tinker this invitation card!

You need this:

  • Computer and printer
  • flowers template
  • scissors
  • black folding card in DIN A6
  • pencil
  • tape
  • ruler
  • Craft scalpel and cutting pad
  • colored tracing paper
  • Glue

That's how it's done:

1. Record: Download flower template (see below), print and cut out the negative. Fix template with adhesive tape on the folding card, transfer outlines in pencil.

2. Cut: Measure with the ruler a 0.5 cm wide edge as a frame, draw on the map. Cut flower with the craft scalpel on a cutting board.

3. Apply: Apply floral glue to the flower motif.

4. Sticking: Cut colored transparent paper according to the folding card and glue it on

The cut template for printing can be found here.

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