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How can his wife Thea help him now?

Despite the extensive work Günther Jauch - here with wife Thea - tries to go to events & parties
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Günther Jauch

He has been one of the most popular Germans for years. Some even want him as chancellor. He is a man who has everything. Nevertheless, Günther Jauch is not nearly as happy as he should be ...

He is already making television for 30 years, ten years of it "Who will become a millionaire?". A good reason for Günther Jauch (53) to take stock. About his life - in front of and behind the camera. He now gave an interview to the magazine "Zeit". And there he does not look like you would expect a man to succeed. What a bitter drama about the popular TV presenter.

The moderator speaks of getting out

Günther Jauch looks very thoughtful and serious in the interview. He even talks about getting out. And, "What if I did not do TV anymore? People would forget me, it's quick, " he muses. Next: "Everything is easier on TV than in life." He even says, "What I do is nothing permanent."

Why is he so self-critical? He has achieved so much! But not only about his professional life, he draws a critical balance, even on his private: "I have seen nothing of the world, I have always worked only." In the past he often raved about his hearty family holiday in South Tyrol, far away from glamor and gimmick. Does he perhaps regret having always lived so down-to-earth? It almost sounds like that.

During the interview, Günther Jauch keeps pondering the peaceful sacred lake in Postdam, where he lives with his family.

His face is often brooding, it says in an interview. And then he says something so gloomy like, "When I'm 80 and it's gone and I'm being pushed into an operating room, I hope the 40-year-old chief physician thinks: Jauch, he was just a number take more care. "

Where was his boyish radiance?

What happened to Günther Jauch? A possible explanation is the moderator himself: "I lack the serenity that my father had, " he says. Ernst-Alfred Jauch († 1991) was also a journalist and always a role model for son Günther. But is there more to it?

The Berlin psychologist Konrad W. Sprai knows other cases in which people draw a self-critical life balance: "If someone is very busy in his job, often has to pull together, then this can lead to a state where you feel empty and burned out. If that's the case then you should take a break, just go out, do something different, go out into nature, devote yourself to your kids, it can work wonders, it's important to interpret and accept the signals correctly. "

And what can the spouse do?

Psychologist Sprai: "He should turn more emotionally to the person concerned, show understanding and signal: I am always there for you."

Günther Jauch says he lacks serenity

We do not know what Günther Jauch looks like. But he tells how his thea advises him and is there for him: "My wife always says: Find the right moment to say goodbye." And Thea will do that now too - she can advise her husband and support him in his future decisions. Anyway, we hope to hear positive news from him soon, because his viewers want to see him on screen for a long time to come.