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Prince William: Retouched for the Vanity Fair Cover

The royal family on the cover of the Vanity Fair.
Photo: Vanity Fair

Fuller hair for the future king

The magic of Photoshop is given to just about everyone today: it is common practice to beautify models and celebrities for advertising campaigns and photo galleries. Even before the future King of England there will be no stop.

On the occasion of the first birthday of Prince George , a picture of the royal family made it to the cover of the Vanity Fair . As always, the three give a magical family: Kate laughs wide and Prince William speaks with the son man.

In the photo that was taken during the New Zealand and Australia trip of the young family, only one thing is wrong: William looks somehow different - the hair is suddenly much fuller. This is not the first Photoshop incident of this kind, as in April Prince George was retouched for a cover . And not even a year!

The new hair was certainly meant to be nice, but takes the heir apparent somehow the William-like charm. After all, he presents himself for years with the thinning hair and shows in a sympathetic way that nature does not stop in front of a prince.

Next time please without Photoshop! After all, the three are so pretty to look at ...