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DJ-Contest "Mazda Sound of Tomorrow": Lost Frequencies and Mazda bring young talents to the Tomorrowland stage

Tomorrowland is considered the hottest electro festival in the world.
Photo: Mazda

Lost Frequencies: Tomorrowland gets so hot in 2016

Fantastic fairytale scenes, hundreds of thousands of celebrating guests, the tickets are sold out within minutes - no question: Tomorrowland is considered the hottest electro festival in the world. The hype has been going on for more than ten years. Every year over 300 star DJs from all over the world play on the various stages. Of course, who hangs up Tomorrowland has done it! And one of them is the young Belgian DJ Felix De Laet. Better known as Lost Frequencies ...

He was already a newcomer last year - and this year everything will be one size bigger. "I have my own stage. It will be called Lost Frequencies & Friends, and I will play there with Robin Schulz, among others. It's going to be great and we'll have a great time. I'm really looking forward to it, "reveals the 22-year-old in an interview with inTouch Online at the Mazda Space in Barcelona.

That he should experience all this, the blonde girl swarm would not have even thought recently in the dream possible. "It's crazy. I never got a ticket to Tomorrowland, and now I can even look behind the scenes and it's even more impressive. It's an incredible experience, "enthuses the" Are You With Me "star.

And now he wants to share this experience with other young budding DJs. Together with the car manufacturer Mazda, one of the partners of Tomorrowland, Felix has launched the DJ competition "Mazda Sound Of Tomorrow". From March 25 to May 1, young talents can submit their mixes. A jury will select the 20 best participants and invite them to Barcelona for the grand finale. Who comes there in the top 6, may hang up at Tomorrowland. What an honour!

And who knows, maybe this is the starting signal for a steep career like the one for Lost Frequencies? For the young Belgian, it will certainly not be quiet even after Tomorrowland: A new album is in the starting blocks and performances are waiting on all continents. "I travel the whole world. It's really cool that I can experience that with my music. I feel blessed, "explains the young star, who has remained on the carpet despite his success. His recipe for success? "I try to sleep as much as possible. If I can not sleep at night, I sleep during the day. I sleep at least six hours, "he laughs.

He takes the hype around his person amazingly relaxed. He does not know nervousness - even if he is on stage in front of 15, 000 people . "I just want to have a good time and enjoy my set. I do not know what I should be afraid of. If something grotesque happened and the music suddenly stops, then I would be really stressed out. But if everything goes well, I'm relaxed. "And it definitely goes well with him ...