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FuchsbesuchFuchs beats ducks - they hid at a gas station

"Fox, you stole the goose ..." Well, not quite. They were ducks. Four of them suddenly appeared at a petrol station in Aalen. They fled from a fox.

The petrol station in Aalen became a sanctuary for four ducks seeking protection from a fox.
Photo: Police Aalen

That was an unusual find. So you want to refuel your car and between the petrol pumps sit four ducks on each other. The four white-feathered Warzen ducks had fled their enclosure when a fox had invaded on Sunday evening, writes the police Aalen in a press release. He had already killed a duck. So the others fled.

The place where they seem to feel safe was a gas station in Aalen. There they made themselves comfortable at 9 pm between the taps. The police then asked around in the neighborhood who the ducks belonged to. The owner was quickly located and the ducks were able to return to their enclosure . Even without them threatening further danger. The fox was already gone.

#Shareholders had to flee a # Fox on Sunday evening. This had penetrated into her dwelling at #Aalen and had torn a conspecific.

The ducks fled to the site of a gas station. We helped the animals out of trouble.


- Police Aalen (@PolizeiAalen) September 24, 2018

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