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20 psycho tricks for strength and serenity

Report: Psychology

In order to become more sovereign, stronger and happier at the decisive moment, no complex psycho-coaching is needed. Often it is enough to press the right buttons in the brain.

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  1. 1. The way is the goal: to strengthen motivation
  2. 2. Push-up for the mood: to program joy
  3. 3. Good timing: Wrap others around your finger
  4. 4. Defeat Nervosit t with disco ball
  5. 5. Calm: Yoga breath for more serenity
  6. 6. Kick per click: Boost with confidence
  7. 7th boss in the cockpit: So you are immediately convincing
  8. 8. Time out: Relax faster
  9. 9. Small gesture, great effect
  10. 10. Get out of the vicious circle: break blockages
  11. 11. Lines for Eternity: Receive Love
  12. 12. Get a bit stronger every day: train self-confidence
  13. 13. Ideas spring to where something is blooming
  14. 14. Let go: Tensing to relax
  15. 15. Keep Smiling: Better to be on top
  16. 16. The Power Plan: Achieve More
  17. 17. A portion of luck: feel better
  18. 18th movie from: Confident occur
  19. 19. The power of music: highlighting highlights
You can find out how to do this here.

1. The way is the goal: to strengthen motivation

You dream of a bikini figure? "Stop it!" Says Tony Wrighton, UK expert and coach on neuro-linguistic programming. "Scientists have found that achieving goals does not help to visualize the end result.

Instead, imagine how you do what is needed to reach the goal, such as powering off the Zumba, lifting weights, or eating delicious low carb meals. "20 percent more success This method, if you look at yourself from the outside, so take a third-person perspective.

2. Push up for fun: program joy

Using a pressure point touch, you can save positive emotions and recall them when needed. Here's how it works: Choose your memories for a particularly happy, contented or self-confident moment - that can be the presentation of the Abizeugnis, the first kiss with your partner or a moment of happiness from vacation.

Redo the emotions, let the memory come to life. If the feeling is really intense, press your thumbs and little fingers together. Repeating this contact in the future will make it much easier to activate a relaxed mood or sense of inner strength. Why it works? "As strange as it may sound, but the brain can not tell a real experience and one that we vividly envision, " explains Tony Wrighton.

3. Good timing: Wrap others around your finger

Everything in its own time: wait the next time, if you want to ask your sweetheart for a favor, better until after 18 o'clock. A survey commissioned by Bayer Schering Pharma revealed that men are much more willing to respond to requests after work. Reason: The biorhythm influences our mood and our reactions in social situations.

After work, this ensures an increased need for harmony. Other "magical" times after the study: Around 3pm, you're more likely to get involved in discussions - and the likelihood of your boss appealing for your raise goes up after 1pm. Try it!

4. Defeat nervousness with disco ball

You have nervous flutter before a date or a meeting with the boss? "Imagine your nervousness as a disco ball spinning inside you, " advises Tony Wrighton. Give her a disgusting color and see which way she turns. Then stop the ball. Now you color them mentally in your favorite tone and set them moving again - this time in the other direction.

"Turn the disco ball faster and faster until you can say that there is still some tension, but the discomfort was significantly reduced and replaced with a calmer, more neutral feel, " says Wrighton.

5. Calm: Yoga breath for more serenity

After every meal, every snack, take a minute to relax properly. Focus entirely on your breathing. Inhale the air intensely through the nose and consciously fill your lungs. Exhale twice as long as you inhale, preferably through the mouth.

"Be aware of how the extra oxygen you provide as you inhale transforms the food into pure energy. As you exhale, you release the depleted air, releasing stress and fatigue, "explains Tony Wrighton.

6. Kick per click: Boost sovereignty

Turn everyday computer logging into a positive experience by turning your email password into an affirmation that reminds you of what matters to you. Tony Wrighton advises: "Think of a password that reflects your goal." How about Selbstbewusst92 or Happy_today?

7th boss in the cockpit: So you are immediately convincing

Lift off to success! Imagine in important conversations that you are a pilot who welcomes his passengers. They want to exude confidence. This means that you are resisting "Ehs" and "Ehs" and speak in as deep a voice as possible (but in such a way that it does not appear), slowly and clearly. "You will find that not only do you have a more convincing effect on others, but they also give more confidence to your words, " says Tony Wrighton.

8. Time out: Relax faster

Info overkill and stress often do not make it easy for us to switch off. Try a minute of "total time out". To tune in, Tony Wrighton advises, "Tell yourself, 'When the minute is over, I want my subconscious to do whatever it takes to make me feel confident and good.'" Then come to rest: be aware three things you see - like the green coffee cup, the withered yucca palm and the shiny hole punch.

When you look at them carefully, you turn to three things that you can hear, then three things you feel, such as the slightly scratchy scarf on your neck, the tickling of your hair on your temple, or the bangle around yours Wrist is lying. "Go slowly and focus on every detail, " says Wrighton. "By doing so, you're shutting out all those thoughts that have gone through your mind before - and you'll realize they're not coming back that fast."

9. Small gesture, big effect

To do something good for your relationship in the long term, you do not need a marriage proposal on the Eiffel Tower or a great diamond ring. Research from the University of Virginia has shown that small, affectionate attentions are far more valuable than proofs of love for which you have to take a leg.

So: The casual stroking his freshly shaven cheek. A perfectly fried steak after a long day in the office. "His" broadcast on TV, switched on by you. "When the other one signals to us that he understands us and is ready to do something for us, we feel that as an honest affection, " says Wrighton. "The many little gestures count!"

10. Get out of the vicious circle: break blockages

Bound in thoughts and negative emotions? Then change your attitude - in the truest sense of the word - stretch your legs, stand up for a moment, jump up and think of something beautiful (see point 2). "Pay attention to how the changed physicality also changes your mental state, " says Tony Wrighton.

11. Lines for Eternity: Receive Love

Do you want to do more for your relationship besides the small gestures (see point 9)? Then you should not talk but write! Writing down once a week on what matters to you and how you interact with it increases the likelihood of staying together by over 20 percent, says a new study.

Why is that? By writing, you also use a more positive language when dealing with the partner, which is an important boost for the "crisis region No. 1": communication.

12. A little bit stronger every day: train self-confidence

Visualizations are Powerful Tools: Imagine for one minute a day how to react confidently and confidently in a situation that causes you normal problems - with as much detail as possible. The so-called "priming" gives you demonstrably more security when it comes down to it.

13. Ideas sprout where something is blooming

Costs only a minute and a few euros, but has far-reaching effects: Obtain a potted plant for your workplace. This helps women come up with more original problem solutions, according to a Texas A & M University study. Bonus: The plants reduce your stress level and lift the mood, which also encourages creativity.

14. Let go: Tensing to relax

Helps especially with nervousness: Bale both hands into fists as tight as you can. Hold this for a few seconds. Then slowly loosen your fists, at the same time stretching your arms away from your body, finally opening your hands, palms up. Enjoy the feeling of relaxation when you finish the cramped finger posture. "This technique channels the tension in your body, " explains Tony Wrighton. "Boxing works the same way, except that this exercise is much shorter - and you do not have to beat anyone."

15. Keep Smiling: Better to be on top

That smile lifts the mood, even if it is initially only put on, you know. Researchers have now examined the mechanism more closely and showed that the fake smile (which incidentally not only has to involve the mouth, but also the eyes!) Should last for at least 15 seconds, preferably 30 seconds, for it to work optimally. The whole four times a day pushes the happiness best, so the experts.

16. The Power Plan: Achieve More

Well-structured people write to-do lists every day, you certainly belong to it. However, not only write down everyday responsibilities such as "bring blazer to the cleaners", but also personal goals such as "jogging today for 20 minutes" or "snapping fruit and vegetables in the mornings and afternoons".

The effect is enormous: Israeli researchers found in a study that 92 percent of people actually implement things if they had previously written them down. By comparison, it was not even half of the subjects who did not record anything. It works even better if you cross out every entry once it's done - so you document your sense of achievement, which means a renewed motivation boost.

17. A dose of luck: feeling better

Five per day, is the right dose for this mood brightener: People who perform five "good deeds" daily, increase their happiness by 40 percent, according to a study by the University of California. So, get started: a little praise here, a compliment for a colleague there, write a thank you card, carry the neighbor's purchases, offer your place in the subway, give your sweetheart a massage ...

18th movie from: Confident occur

Stage fright before the big event, about an important meeting? Then one often haunts one's head, how everything goes wrong. "This can be a problem, because these negative images act as a kind of script that the brain follows, " said expert Tony Wrighton. Counter with the "snowstorm method". Imagine watching the horror scenario on an old TV.

The quality is bad. Sure, you see a movie from the past! In front of your inner eye, let the picture get blurred, then black and white, finally you push the television into the distance, until the picture is tiny. Not so bad, right? By the way, you can also use this technique to "edit" unpleasant memories. And to encourage, Tony Wrighton suggests the "3D film technology": Imagine the scene in bright pictures as on a big screen, as you calmly master the situation.

19. The power of music: highlighting highlights

To conjure up past feelings of happiness (see point 2) at the touch of a button is difficult for you? Then use the soundtrack of your life movie: University of Glasgow researchers confirm the powerful emotional impact that music can have on us. Put together a "Happy Playlist" that will change your mind. Collect all the songs that connect you with good memories. A few bars are enough to reactivate the positive feeling of that time.

20. The trick with the request ...

You want to take someone for yourself? Then ask him or her for a favor! Can I just borrow your pen? You tell me this thriller of which you have told me? Researchers at the University of Stanford have shown that we become more popular when we are a little bit on the chalk with our counterparts. Unconsciously, our brains turn the logic around: Because I'm doing someone a favor, I have to like it.

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