Recommended, 2020

Editor'S Choice

Clock from old wine corks

  • 1 large chip box with lid (craft shop)
  • white and light blue acrylic paint (eg

      from Hobby Line; Craft store)
    • Clockwork with hands (craft shop)
    • wine corks
    • All-purpose glue (eg from UHU)
    • Satin ribbon in light blue
    • brush
    • Hand drill or drill
    • sharp knife

    1. Paint box and lid with white paint, paint pointer with blue paint and let dry.

    2. Drill a suitable hole for the movement in the middle of the lid with the drill.

    3. Slice the cork with the sharp knife and glue it to the lid of the box with all-purpose glue.

    4. Glue the satin ribbon around the edge of the lid.

    5. Glue the movement to the edge of the lid and mount the hands in front.