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Woman gets baby thanks to sperm of her deceased husband

Today she can hold the baby together with her deceased husband in her arms.
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The baby of her deceased husband

Because of her baby, this woman already had to go to court. She uses the sperm of her deceased husband when he was already dead for two days.

It's a healthy little boy that the Australian woman is allowed to hold in her arms. Nevertheless, media around the world report the birth of the baby. Because it is more than extraordinary that it even exists. For a period of 48 hours, it was unclear whether or not this child should get a chance at life.

The baby is born without a father. He died in a tragic motorcycle accident two days before his mother was born. In fact, the woman was not pregnant at the time. But suddenly everything had to go very fast.

It was a race against the time, in which also an official court order had to be obtained. The reason: Shortly after the accident, today's mother turned to the doctors with an extraordinary request. She wants to be fertilized with the sperm of her already deceased husband.

But that turns out to be more difficult than expected: the woman has to turn to the Supreme Court with her request. And this does not decide overnight.

It's a delicate process, because there's never been so much time between conception and death. Her husband is already 48 hours dead when she finally gets the official permission to use his sperm. At this time, the doctors are already uncertain whether the semen of the deceased man is still viable.

But shortly thereafter follows the facilitating message: The fertilization was successful. Today, the woman holds her healthy child in her arms.

A part of her deceased husband lives on in her common baby. Sometimes a stroke of fate interferes with our lives and changes all our plans. It is all the more impressive how people like this make the most of the difficult situation

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