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The "Normal Barbie" with average measures is there

The "Normal Barbie" is the body of an average 19-year-old woman nachentfunden.
Photo: Lammily

Stop the slimming craze!

If you could choose to give a Barbie or a puppet with realistic proportions to a little girl, which one would you choose?

Sure, the 55-year-old Mattel-Babe is an institution in children's rooms around the world - but sympathize with an ideal that more like Lena Dunham than Pamela Anderson is the new "Normal Barbie", the Lammily, a great alternative!

The slimming delusion in the toy department Nickolay Lamm has announced the fight and a realistic version of the Barbie - starting from the average body of a 19-year-olds - designed.

Researchers found out: Mattels Barbie would not be alive with this figure. Her neck is too thin to support the big head, her waist is so narrow that there is no room for the organs. Her ankle circumference is that of a baby and with these delicate wrists she could not lift anything.

So far you can not play with the anti-Barbie from the 3D printer yet - to change that, the artist and scientist Nickolay Lamm started a crowd-funding campaign. Successful! The doll can be pre-ordered, the Lammily is likely to be ready for shipping from November.

Learn more about the " Normal Barbie " in the video:

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