Recommended, 2022

Editor'S Choice

Flurbank in pastel colors

  • Untreated wooden bench (eg

      from Car Furniture; about 189 Euro, order number: HOBANSW / 110)
    • Paint color in white; Yellow; Pink; Green and light blue (eg Alpina 2-in-1 paint, hardware store)
    • Paint roller (hardware store)
    • Cordless screwdriver or drill (eg from Bosch)
    • 5 screw hooks in white (hardware store)

    1. Prime bank white, let it dry.

    2. Paint the legs and sides of the bench in vanilla yellow, allow to dry.

    3. Paint the seat in different colored stripes. Doing this with a small paint roller does not require masking. Let dry.

    4. Drill 5 holes under the backrest and screw in the screw hooks.

    Tip: The Alpina 2-in-1 paints can also be tinted with acrylic paints, then you need for the entire bank about 1 can of paint and the acrylic paints for tinting in the corresponding shades.