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American woman shocks with skin cancer selfie

She is disfigured by scars and blisters
Photo: Facebook

Shocking photo

27-year-old Tawny Willoughby posted this shocking photo on Facebook. She wants to warn other people - in front of the sunbed.

In the picture of the 27-year-old woman you can see her face disfigured by bloody scars and blisters: they are effects of her skin cancer treatment and with the photo she wants to warn other people of the danger of sunbathing.

When she was a teenager, she regularly went to the sunbed. About 4-5x every week. That was normal, all her friends did it that way. But shock came six years ago: when a colleague tells her that melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer, was found, the 21-year-old can also be examined. With the result: she also has skin cancer. Every six to twelve months, she went to the dermatologist and each time a new cancer was found, which had to be removed. She is prescribed special creams and has to undergo various treatments, such as an application with liquid nitrogen to freeze the tumors.

About a week ago, she decided to upload the skin cancer selfie to Facebook. To this she wrote: "If someone needs a little motivation, so as not to lie on the sunbed and in the sun, please, this is how the treatment of skin cancer can look!" With the shock photo she wants to save other people from this mistake and show how dangerous UV radiation can be. Already 50, 000 people have shared the picture and written their praising and encouraging comments. Mothers also thanked them after showing the picture to their daughters. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, one in five Americans suffers from skin cancer during their lifetime. Sunbed users are particularly vulnerable

Since the birth of her son, the topic is even more important to her, because she wants to see him grow up. If she wants to be brown now, she will use tanning spray in the future.