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Candles with gradient: It's that easy

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Colorful light sources

These beautiful candles with gradient make wonderful on the balcony to spend the evening hours with romantic candlelight.

What you need for the candles with gradient:

  • wax residue
  • skewers
  • Adhesive strips (Tesa)
  • glass vessel
  • Candle wick (craft shop)
  • Plastic container and saucepan for the water bath
  • scissors

And that's how easy it is:

1. Melt wax residues of a paint in a plastic container in a water bath. Stir now and then with the shish kebab.

2. Stick a strip of adhesive tape in the middle of the edge of the glass and poke a hole in the center with the skewer.

3. Cut the wick to length and stick it through the hole in the tape.

4. The glass diagonally in a bowl with sponge o. Ä. Place the molten wax in the slanting glass so that the bottom is covered to the higher ground level. Allow the wax to dry well.

5. Melt in a new color wax.

6. Turn the glass in an inclined position and pour in the wax to the desired degree of filling.

7. Pour the last layer of wax into the glass and let it dry well.

Do not allow candles to burn unattended and avoid drafts. Keep the burning bowl clean. If the candle smokes, wick shorten something. Only burn the candle on an incombustible base or use a self-extinguishing candle.

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