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Flashmob Marry you: Probably the most beautiful marriage proposal in the world

The car with Amy starts rolling, from her headphones the song 'marry you' sounds and her friends and family perform a marriage proposal of a special kind.

It's probably one of the most beautiful marriage proposals we've ever seen.

Probably the most beautiful marriage proposal: A flashmoob to marry you.
Photo: youtube / Isaac Lamb
In a wonderful way, Isaac is holding the hand of his longtime girlfriend Amy. Under an excuse he lures the young woman to his parents' house. Instead of him, Amy is received by his brother. He asks her in the trunk, puts her headphones on and ...

Isaac's brother mimes the drummer, his friends the background dancers. Without further ado, they convert saucepan and spoon to musical instruments. They dance, sing and laugh. One couple comes, another goes. They give themselves flowers, clink one another. Everyone joins in From young to old, from friends and to relatives.

And Amy? This is visibly touched. The young woman shines up over her ears, claps her hands and holds her head over and over again, stunned. The wedding proposal marry you seems successful.

The choreography is crowned by movements reminiscent of the appearance of earlier boy bands. The finale will be made by six uniformed men and women who will launch the climax. Isaac jumps out of ambush and walks to his future bride. He plays the last bars of marry you , falls on his knees in front of his girl and asks the questions of all questions.

On such a wonderful wedding proposal, there is only one possible answer: Yes, I want. And with all my heart!


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