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fit10-method dream figure by carbohydrates!

Decrease with carbohydrates - with the fit10 method
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  1. Fit in ten weeks
  2. Three big meals and two long breaks
  3. Week 1 to 3
  4. Week 4 to 7
  5. Week 8 to 10

Fit in ten weeks

Have you always believed the diet myth that pasta, bread and the like did not lose weight? Now there is a diet that does not give up - on the contrary: carbohydrates are welcome! How you get fit in ten weeks and why a plate of pasta is so important, we reveal here.

His dream weight can only be achieved through deprivation, they say in general - this also includes the total renunciation of carbohydrates, because they are counterproductive in a diet. Therefore, they are on the blacklist for example on the detox or dukan diet. A widespread misconception claims the studied nutritionist Christina Lachkovics-Budschedl. Carbohydrates are needed by the body to gain energy and burn fat.

In her book "Carbohydrates are not fatteners", she introduces a nutritional program that will make you lose pounds in ten weeks and still be able to eat potatoes and bread. The program has three phases that will surprise the body over and over again, leading to a better result. In the first part, carbohydrates are eaten at each meal, while in the second part they are taken away in the evening. In the third part, they are slowly added back to the meal plan.

Three big meals and two long breaks

True to the motto "Eat in the morning like an emperor, at noon like a king and in the evening like a beggar" she recommends three more or less large meals a day. In between pauses of four to six hours are inserted, in which the body should burn the fat. The energy to just provide carbohydrates. How you can lose weight in ten weeks with the "fit10 method", we explain here.

Literature Tip

Tips and tricks for the ten-week method are in the book "carbohydrates are not fattening." The theoretical part is rounded off with case studies and delicious recipes for a balanced diet.

"Carbohydrates are not fattening" by Christina Lachkovics-Budschedl (Kneipp, around 18 Euro) order here at >>

Week 1 to 3

Breakfast is especially important for Christina Lachkovics-Budschedl, as this is the cornerstone of daily fat burning. If you omit breakfast, not the fat reserves for energy production are tapped, but muscle and liver. Morning hunger is often followed by food cravings in the afternoon.

Therefore, in the morning, serve a few slices of bread with cheese or ham and a piece of fruit. Sweet spreads or toast are forbidden at the first time. The four- to six-hour break until lunch should be strictly followed. At noon you can keep your usual diet. But watch out: pay attention to the crowd and abstain from the dessert!

In the following four- to six-hour break may occasionally be gnawed two to three nuts. The dinner should consist mainly of protein and fat.

Week 4 to 7

From now on jam and honey are allowed on the bread for breakfast. After lunch you can enjoy a dessert. The two breaks between the main meals should also be kept as strict as possible during this time and only be used in an emergency on a few nuts.

At dinner, any carbs are banned in the middle part of the program. They are replaced by protein in the form of lean meat or fish. In combination with vegetables, a delicious dinner is prepared quickly.

The peculiarity of these weeks is the introduction of a fruit / vegetable day. On this day, five meals of fruit or vegetables are on the menu. Whether raw, stewed or cooked - the recipe ideas have no limits. If the observance of the day falls too hard, the program allows a normal breakfast.

Week 8 to 10

Breakfast and lunch have not changed in the last three weeks. Also, the fruit / vegetable day is preserved. For six days the dinner is structured like in the middle part. On the seventh evening, the main course of the program is only a little bit of protein, for example in the form of lean natural yoghurt or a little pure cottage cheese.

Christina Lachkovics-Budschedl always emphasizes that she only wants to help her readers to eat properly, but it's not that easy. It requires an extremely strong will - without him, the long breaks and the fruit day would be hard to hold. The plan may give some people too little room for individual eating habits. But those who can not do without the so-called satiety supplements, may be better off with this diet plan.