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Cooking strawberry jam: Sweet breakfast

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Healthy breakfast

The best thing in the morning: a freshly baked bread - spread with a homemade strawberry jam . Wonderfully fruity and creamy tender!

What do we like to snack on in the summer? Fresh strawberries - straight from the shrub into the belly. Or a homemade strawberry jam . Pure or with a hint of vanilla.

And for the very special breakfast experience we crown our strawberry jam with a cream of sweet marshmallows. On the bread, to scones or out of the jar - making jam is easy!

Strawberry jam recipes

Strawberry and vanilla jam

Ingredients (4 glasses à 325 ml)

1 vanilla pod, 1.15 kg strawberries, 1 kg gelling sugar a: a, 1 lemon


1. Slit the vanilla pod lengthwise and scrape out the pith. Wash strawberries, pat dry and clean. Depending on how firm and lumpy the jam should be, possibly cut strawberries smaller. Put the vanilla pod, cheese and berries in a large bowl and cover with the sugar. Cover covered overnight.

2. Put the strawberry sugar mixture in a large pot. Squeeze out the lemon and add the juice. Bring to the boil with stirring. When the mixture boils bubbly, continue cooking for about 4 minutes, stirring occasionally. Fill in sterilized jars with twist-off lid and close. Put on the lid, turn it over after about 5 minutes and let it cool down.

Strawberry jam Aperol

Ingredients (7 glasses à 275 ml)

1.5 kg of strawberries, juice of 1 lemon, 150 ml of aperol, 1 package (500 g) of jelly sugar 3: 1


1. Wash strawberries, clean. Weigh out 1.4 kg of pulp and cut into small pieces. Mix the strawberries, lemon juice, aperol and gelling sugar well in a large saucepan. Heat with stirring. Approximately Simmer with bubbly stirring for 4 minutes. Skim any resulting foam.

2. Immediately fill the jam in clean glasses with a twist-off lid and close well. Turn the glasses upside down for about 5 minutes. Turn over again and let cool. Store the jam dark and cool.

Red berry jam

Ingredients (6 glasses à 225 ml)

approx. 550 g strawberries, approx. 300 g redcurrants and red gooseberries each, grated peel of 1 untreated orange, 500 g preserving sugar, 2 tbsp vodka


1. Wash strawberries, clean. Cut 500g of strawberries into pieces. Wash currants, pluck from the panicles. Wash and clean gooseberries.

2. Mix 500 g strawberry pieces, 250 g redcurrants and gooseberries each, orange peel and gelling sugar in a pot. Bring the fruit mixture to a boil, boil for about 3 minutes, remove from heat.

3. Stir in the vodka. Fill the jam into 6 clean twist-off jars and seal immediately with lids. Put the glasses on the lid for about 5 minutes, turn them again. When stored dark and cool, the jam is stable for around 2 years.

Strawberry jam with marshmallow cream

Ingredients (4 glasses à 400 ml content)

1 kg strawberries, 500 g preserving sugar, juice of 1 lemon, 400 g marshmallows, 150 g whipped cream, 1 vanilla pod


1. Wash, clean and cut strawberries. Mix with preserving sugar and lemon juice.

2. Chop the marshmallows, bring to a boil with the cream, and simmer on low heat until the marshmallows have melted.

3. Cut the vanilla pod lengthwise and scratch out the pith. Add the vanilla pod and the pod to the strawberries, bring everything to a boil and boil for about 4 minutes, stirring constantly. Remove from heat. Using a jam funnel, fill the jam approx. 2/3 high into sterilized twist-off jars. Add the very hot marshmallow cream and stir with a spoonful. Turn the glass upside down for about 5 minutes, turn it over again and let it cool down.

Strawberry and lime jam

Ingredients (4 glasses à ca. 325 ml)

about 700 g strawberries, 500 g raspberries, grated peel + juice of 2 limes, 1 pack (500 g) gelling sugar 2: 1


1. Wash strawberries, clean and cut into small cubes. Weigh 650 g of pulp. Read raspberries and puree. Brush through a sieve and weigh 400g of puree. Mix strawberries and raspberry puree with lime zest, juice and preserving sugar in a large saucepan.

2. Bring to a boil over a high heat while stirring. Boil with constant stirring for at least 3 minutes (gelling test!). If necessary, foam the jam and fill in previously rinsed glasses (twist-off lid). Close the jars tightly, allow to stand on the lid for about 5 minutes, turn over and allow to cool.