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Princess Mary: Ski Vacation "under observation

Posing for the cameras: Princess Mary, Frederik and the kids.
Photo: WireImage / Getty Images

Top official romping

Is that still vacation? Princess Mary (41) and her husband Prince Frederik (44) are currently on ski holidays in the Swiss Verbier . But instead of concentrating entirely on the family, they first had to romp around in the snow with the children most officially in front of the reporter cameras.

Behind this, of course, is strategic planning: After all, those who take their photos at the beginning of the holiday can rest afterwards and really start off on their "private" vacation.

And so it comes to the annual royal photo session, which lasted 18 minutes, according to the Danish "Billet-Bladet". At one frame per second, that's over 1, 000 pictures. That should be enough to provide the noble fans with plenty of "stuff" for the time being.

The prospect of a little more privacy on a ski holiday also had a positive effect on the mood. Princess Mary and Prince Frederik romped visibly relaxed with the four children in the snow around.

And also Prince Christian (7), Princess Isabella (5) and the twins Josephine and Vincent (2) seemed to have forgotten that they are "under surveillance" here. They are already real little professionals.

Only Josephine was entertaining a little ungraciously. This may be forgiven her - after all, you do not sledges every day through snow and cold and is only secured by Mama's protective arms. Quite simply, the job as a mini-princess just is not ...