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Emma Watson: UN speech against discrimination against women

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Two months after assuming the post of UN Special Envoy for Equality and Women's Rights in July 2014, Emma Watson made a moving speech against global discrimination against women and men. The message: Gender equality is far from reached, men and women are now fighting for them together!

Emma Watson: UN speech against discrimination against women
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Since July 2014, "Hermine" actress Emma Watson has been a UN Special Envoy for Equal Rights and Women's Rights. On September 21, 2014, at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, the 24-year-old presented her HeForShe campaign with a poignant speech against the unequal treatment of women and girls:

Insanity Woman: The Style of Emma Watson!

"I think it's right that I get the same salary as my male colleagues. I think it's right that I can make the decisions about my own body myself. I think it's right that I deserve the same respect as men. Unfortunately, I have to tell you that there is not a single country in this world where women share these rights. "

Emma Watson does not rush against men in her speech. Already at the beginning, she makes clear that feminism is in no way equated with hatred of men. Finally, the "Harry Potter" star even issues an official invitation to all men to attend the gender equality discussion. Because "gender equality is also a matter for men". For this, Emma receives a thunderous applause. Men may be better paid than women, but they too have their problems with gender roles. For example, a sensitive man is often considered "not man enough".

Take a look at Emma Watson's complete speech:

The "Hermione" actress knows but also exactly that she alone can not do much. But Emma Watson calls on women AND men to take the opportunity to stand up for gender equality if she offers herself: "If not me - who? If not now - when? "Miss Watson, we are impressed!

Men dare the step into the equal rights and go to the intimate zone Waxing!