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Fragrance ABC True Mood Makers: How fragrances affect us

Fragrances affect our mood and feelings. That's why they are so important to our well-being.

Fragrances have a big impact on our mood and our feelings
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Fragrances have more power over our mood and feelings than we realize. How to shower with the right scent in a good mood and even a few pounds slimmer, reveals the odor researcher Professor. Dr. Hanns hat.

When we smell the scent of lemons, we immediately think of summer, sun and freshness and get into a good mood. If you want to relax in the office after a busy day, you can relax with the scent of lavender .

But why is it that fragrances put us in a certain mood and trigger emotions?

With every breath we take scent molecules from the air . "Our nose establishes a direct connection to our emotional center in the brain and to our saved memories - and much more directly than our other sensory organs such as eyes or ears, " says odor researcher Prof. Dr. med. Dr. Hanns Hatt from the Ruhr-University Bochum.

If you smell a familiar scent, it automatically retrieves the corresponding memories and feelings that are stored in the brain with the scent. For example, vanilla is considered by many to be a kind of "feel-good scent" . The reason: Breast milk tastes of vanilla, the characteristic-sweet fragrance is therefore automatically linked to the feeling of security.

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"Fragrances are invisible beings, we do not always perceive them clearly, " says Hatt. Although every person feels subjectively to fragrances - depending on whether or not they are associated with positive memories - and has their own preferences, "Research has shown that individual ingredients have the same effect on every human organism, " says Hatt.

"The linalool contained in lavender, for example, promotes sleep and relaxes." Likewise, citrus fragrances, such as tangerines, are real awake-makers: they create a good mood and an invigorating effect - and make us feel dynamic and fresh.

Slimmer with grapefruit fragrance

"Whether you're using a perfume or a deodorant, the purpose of applying a fragrance is to create a positive response in other people. He makes sure that others can "smell good" to us and that we look immediately likeable or attractive, " says Hatt.

Without having to diet a few pounds slimmer, without having to give up chocolate and pasta, you can, for example, with grapefruit scent. Scientific research has shown that people are perceived slimmer when they apply a youthful, fresh citrus scent, rather than a heavy, sweet scent. The added in the perception namely extra pounds on the hip gold.

"Every scent you use looks like a fragrance marketing, " says Hatt. The smell, that one can influence humans without willens by scents, the odor researcher sees however not. "We could all smell them. Unfortunately, we humans have been reluctant to focus our attention on fragrances. With my work, I want to make people go around the world again with an open nose. "