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Now her whole past comes to light

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Helene Fischer

What did Florian know about it?

She does not talk about herself often. Helene Fischer (25) would much rather sing her songs for the people and speak to them in the language of music. When it comes to herself, she holds herself back, seldom revealing anything. Their fans are happy to hear more about the young singer who came to Germany from distant Siberia over 20 years ago with her family.

So it's all the better that Helene Fischer gave a great interview for the private broadcaster "Gute Laune TV" - and she talks about it as openly as never before about her whole past, which now comes to light.

The Palatine Forest reminded the father of the taiga

"We are Russian Germans, I have German ancestors, " said Helene Fischer in an interview, "we grew up German-Russian, my parents at least. My grandparents tried for years to return home to Germany, in 1988 it finally worked. "

Their new home was the idyllic little town Wöllstein in Rhineland-Palatinate. And that it was just this dreamy place, was mainly due to Helene Fischer's father Peter, a studied sports teacher. He fell in love with the landscape: "Father only saw the forest there, that reminded him of the taiga, and he said that I'll stay there!"

Especially sweet is what Helene Fischer tells about her first tentative attempts as a stage talent. For the first big gigs - that was all the festivities and celebrations in her family. At that time, she performed there with her six-year-older sister Erika, entertained and amused her uncle and aunts. Erika always held her sister by the hand. And funny: Klein Helene Fischer was so shy that she always turned her back to the audience and sang her song!

Helene Fischer's parents value good posture and comprehensive education, so Mother Maria sent her daughter to ballet lessons early on. At the Realschule her talent was then properly promoted for the first time: Helene joined in a musical group. Even today her eyes light up when she talks about the first leading role she was allowed to play.

She then studied at the Stage & Musical School in Frankfurt. For three years she learned singing, drama and dance and then passed the exam as a state-approved musical actress.

It was a risk to give her this great opportunity

But at the exams, she was nervous! Unimaginable when you see how confident and confident she is today in front of the audience. Even Florian Silbereisen (28) could hardly believe what she is telling now!

Helene Fischer : "Yes, you work it out until the exam, but then only a few minutes to present yourself. Of course, if you fail, it will be bad ... I forgot some text in between, but I did it and managed to do it. "

She will never forget her first TV appearance in May 2005 - it was also her first encounter with Florian Silbereisen (28). The two sang the duet "Greetings from Hungary", and Helene Fischer, who was then completely unknown, was fortunate enough to have been selected as Florian's duet partner. She remembers: "Florian and his manager Michael Jürgens really took a risk, they only knew me from the photo and test shots and thought: Yes, that could fit. But they did not know how I work in front of the television camera and whether I'm joking with nervousness ... "

No, nonsense did not make them, on the contrary! It was her breakthrough, then it went up steeply. Florian Silbereisen says: "I was actually convinced after the very first appearance with Helene Fischer : She turns into a successful artist!" What he did not know there yet - three years later they became a couple.

A visit to Siberia - that's up to you now

Now Helene's fourth album has been released, in 2010 the next tour is scheduled. But if you ask her what is most important now, she answers surprisingly: She wants to get to know her roots better! "A visit to Siberia, " said Helene, "that's the most important thing." Maybe she'll take her Florian with her just to show him where she came from ...

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