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Make a DIY grandfather clock - with instructions

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On time travel

Past meets the present: With this grandfather clock you get a successful DIY style mix into the house. The exact instructions for crafting are here ...

That's what you need to craft the DIY grandfather clock

  • Clockwork and numbers (here wall clock "Mega" by BoConcept)
  • Rosette "Prisca", Ø 47 cm (Saarpor)
  • Flat profile "Marianne", 4.8 x 200 cm (Saarpor)
  • Flat profile "Melissa", 2.5 x 200 cm (Saarpor)
  • white acrylic paint
  • brush
  • cutter
  • Universal adhesive (Saarpor)

That's how it works:

1. Paint rosette, flat and decorative profile white and allow to dry.

2. Glue the movement and the pointer cup to the rosette and glue the rosette on the wall at the desired height.

3. Glue the decorative profile onto the flat profile so that it receives the same thickness as the rosette. From this two profile strips in
Cut the appropriate length and stick to the wall.

4. Remove the carrier paper from the numbers and then group the numbers around the clock-wheel.