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This simple trick will make your iPhone 10x faster!

This trick will make your iPhone 10x faster
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  1. Give it a try!
  2. The trick
  3. Does it really work?

Give it a try!

Say goodbye to crashing apps and Safari sites that charge at a snail's pace. Everything will change with this simple trick, because your iPhone will run 10x faster!

We love our iPhone, but sometimes it's just annoying. It likes to hang up or it takes forever to load a page. Manchma helps only a restart. But thanks to Marc Forrest, an IT guru, we now know how to make our iPhone faster again. All we have to do is do a little trick to clean up the memory (RAM) in seconds.

The trick

Now you're sure to wonder how the trick works. We'll tell you! Turn on your phone so that your screen is lit but no application is open. Press the power button until "Slide to Power Off" appears. Now take your finger away and press the home button for five seconds, until your usual home screen appears - done! Your memory is now empty.

Does it really work?

Maybe you think it's too good to be true? Marc Forrest posted a picture on Twitter showing his memory before and after his trick.

RE previous tweet see screenshot of before & after RAM usage @DukeMobiles

- Marc Forrest (@MarcForrest) November 4, 2015

Try it out, if your iPhone causes you problems again.