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A perfect weekend in Florence

The capital of Tuscany is also known as the "Italian Athens". Art is very important in Florence.

The view of one of the landmarks of Florence: One of the many bridges
Photo: APT Firenze

I always wanted to go to Italy and thought that Florence was a good choice: Picturesque, clear, you can do everything on foot, there's a lot to discover. How well I had made my choice, I actually discovered only in the winter months. When Florence was no longer swamped by thousands of tourists from all over the world, the ocher palaces stood alone in their beauty. When a light mist pulls up from the Arno and dresses the city in powdered sugar, the great splendor of summer is gone - and you can see the real beauty of Florence. Many cities become cool and gray in winter, but Florence still has something warm and cozy with its earth tones. Even when it's cold outside, the cypress trees remain dark green, the leaves of the olive trees silvery. When spring comes, the city awakens again. The streets are getting fuller, the cultural life more alive and in the backyards sweet-smelling hawthorn blossoms. Then slowly, the tourists come back to the city.

However, those who meander off the main streets through smaller streets still have the chance to discover the real Florence. During a Tuscan aperitif on the banks of the Arno. At a jazz concert in one of the most irresistible places. In the noisy market halls. Or high above the city at the church of San Miniato al Monte, from which you have a view over the whole splendor of the historic old town. But at least at night, when you can approach undisturbed the cultural treasures and they unfold in the moonlight their whole dramatic effect, you just have to fall in love with Florence!