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Mother leaves children with friend: Finds one year old dead in flat

This story is one of the most terrible we have ever heard. A mother from Texas left her home and went to work. Your friend should take care of the four children. When she returns, her friend is gone and one of the children is dead.

As horrible as a child in the US was killed
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Rachel Thompson is being tried, because what happened in her apartment while she was away is not excusable. She thought her children were in good hands with her boyfriend. But he left the children alone, reports the Daily Mail.

As he left the apartment, the four children played together. The eldest daughter (5) slept while the twins (3) pushed their little sister in or on the stove. One of the girls turned on the device. When the mother comes home - how long she and her boyfriend were away from home is not clear - she finds the little J'Zyra (1) dead.

What a nightmare: Meanwhile, the mother's three children were taken away and live with a foster family. What speaks for chaotic conditions: in the family, according to an American child protection organization no suitable members could be found, who could take the children.

Really sad: The grandmother also lives in the house. Rachel Thompson could have told her when she left the house. Maybe little J'Zyra would still be alive today! She says her grandchild's death: "That's not explained, I'm just speechless."

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