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Ko-Tropfen: New weapons against rape drugs

Thanks to DrinkSavvy glasses and straws should turn red in the future, if you pour in Ko-drops.
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No chance for GHB, Rohypnol and Ketamine

It is the secret fear that resonates with each disco visit: Does one leave his glass unattended? Better not. In the age of co-drops, that's safer. Safer, because many sexual assaults around the world now go by the name of "rape drugs". GHB ("Liquid Ecstacy"), Rohypnol or Kentamine are used selectively to anesthetize victims.

Co-drops are tasteless, odorless and colorless. When the victims come back to themselves and remember nothing, it's already too late ...

At American universities, 90 percent of sexual assaults are attributed to alcohol. Since the 90s, rape drugs have also mixed in with it. Even a layman can make co-drops within ten minutes.

However, this should prevent a new invention. DrinkSavvy founder Michael Abramson has raised $ 50, 000 in seed money with a fundraising campaign to produce plastic cups and straws that can detect co-drops . They then turn red.

In the last three years, three of my friends and myself have been unconsciously exposed to these drugs, and with more than a million cases, someone close to you may be in contact with rape drugs, "says Abramson.

He hopes that the new products will be used in the future in the fight against co-drops - for prevention and education. An important development that could soon be taken for granted in the purse, such as lipstick or handkerchiefs. For the time being, the glasses and straws will probably only be available in the USA.

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