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Jennifer Lawrence and other 'Hunger Games' stars against Ebola

Photo: Screenshot / YouTube

"I would be fine ..."

Ebola - scarcely a catchword has scared us more in 2014, constantly new terrible news made the rounds. Which of us should really occupy, Jennifer Lawrence makes clear in a video.

The film begins with a collage-like compilation of news articles. The pictures of worried-looking newsreaders and raging ambulances are pretty familiar. They represent the great Ebola hysteria of recent months. But was the fear of the deadly pandemic justified?

Not with us, as the shocking numbers of the video reveal. Within one year 19, 648 Ebola cases were confirmed - 19, 643 of them in West Africa. Of the eight patients treated in American hospitals, each one survived.

In the most affected countries of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, the reality is very different: in some parts of West Africa, only 20% of infected people survived the disease. That's what the 'The Hunger Games' stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Mahershala Ali, Liam Hemsworth, and Julianne Moore explain, but mostly about poor medical care and food shortages in third world countries.

So what if Jennifer Lawrence herself got Ebola, asks colleague Josh Hutcherson. "I would be fine ..." replies the actress and smiles sadly.