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Short hair: JOY-reader-styling

Great cut to short hair

Stars like Jennifer Lawrence are already wearing it: the shortcut. Now, three JOY readers have dared the big cut to short hair.

We will make it short
Photo: Rick Reinhard
  1. 1st blunt style
  2. The cut
  3. The styling products
  4. Styling variant
  5. 2. Bob 2.0
  6. The cut
  7. The styling products
  8. Styling variant
  9. 3. Short Shag
  10. The cut
  11. The styling products
  12. Styling variant
See for yourself which of these looks could suit you.

1st blunt style

And off you go: With Wiebke's new hairstyle, all the hair is truncated to the same length (English: blunt). "This flatters especially fine hair, because it thereby gains in volume, " explains Fabien Krins, Aveda hairdresser from Munich ( The hair ends at Wiebke now about five inches under the chin. "To make the look more exciting, I tilt the sides so that the hair gets shorter at the neck, " says Fabien (A).

In order to make her natural brown tone more interesting, the professional also uses light strands in the top hair (B). In everyday life, spray the best volume spray into the moist preparation and blow dry the hair over a round brush (C). Perfect for the party evening: the wet look. "Moisten the hair with salt water spray and comb it backwards."

The cut

Wiebke's hair (22) is very thin. You know that only too well? We have something for you: a blunt that gets shorter at the nape of the neck.

The styling products

1) Plumps on: "Volumizing Tonic" (Aveda, around 19 euros), 2) Clean out: "Surf Spray" (Bumble & Bumble, at Douglas, around 27 euros)

Styling variant

All-over wet look as a styling variant: "I never thought that I could make friends with short hair so well!"

2. Bob 2.0

Next up is Vanessa's turn: She gets a bob with an XXL pony, which she can style laterally. "First, I trim the hair around collarbone length, " explains Fabien (A). With Vanessa, the expert dispenses with large steps, only the front side section is shortened towards the face (B). "When it comes to color, we chose a reddish chestnut tone, " says Fabien.

The coloration he works by hand strand by strand into the hair, without any foils (C). "With this so-called balayage technique, the color looks much more natural at the end." To style before blow-drying, add a thick drop of smoothing fluid in the lengths, then gently pull strand by strand through a straightening iron (D). The alternative look: Curls in the lengths (above). For each approximate four centimeters wide strands with the straightener grasp, this turn by 180 degrees, slowly lead down.

The cut

Vanessa (25) did not want to make the big cut. Are you the same? Then this bob version is perfect for you too!

The styling products

To apply: "Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother" (Aveda, around 27 Euro), To access: "Eclipse Styler" (ghd, around 245 Euro)

Styling variant

Curly look as a styling variant: "I have long wanted a change in type, but never knew what hairstyle I like."

3. Short Shag

Now it will be short for Johanna too! Hairdresser Fabien Krins decides on her a shag, a short hairstyle with over-long top hair, in the Pixie version. "First I cut off the lengths at chin height and put them through strong, " says Fabien (A). Important: The top coat should not be too short.

To give Johanna's brown natural color more shine, he dyes her a few strands in rich nougat (B). For styling, spread a hazelnut-sized amount of gel in damp hair and blow dry with a round brush (C). For more glamor: Dust the volume powder on the top hair (D), then style the hair loosely upwards.

The cut

Johanna (25) has a rather elongated face. They also? In that case, you're sure to be a pixie-style shag as well.

The styling products

1) Gives more support: "Confixor Liquid Gel" (Aveda, around 23 euros), 2) Makes more hair: "Pure Abundance Hair Potion" (Aveda, around 23 euros)

Styling variant

High Hair as a styling variant: "Amazing that even short hair can be styled so differently!"

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