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Justin Bieber: Unusual tattoo motif

Justin Bieber tattoo

The passion of Justin Bieber for tattoos is never ending. Now, however, he chose an unusually sweet motive for which his renewed reconciliation with Selena Gomez could be responsible.

Justin Bieber's Tattoos: Balloon Girl and Cross
Photo: Justin Bieber / Shots, Getty Images

Justin Bieber already owns 30 tattoos in his younger years. With no space left on his left arm, now turned into a complete ink sleeve, he placed the latest artwork on his right forearm. On the currently popular selfie page Shots, he presented the motif in mid-March 2014, for which there is a famous template: The well-known "balloon girl" by the British graffiti artist Banksy -The teen star commented the image with the words: "Let your dreams do not fly away. "

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The tattoo came shortly after he met his great love Selena Gomez in Texas and filmed her with an erotic dance. A video that went around the world, of course.

Justin Bieber lasciviously danced with Selena Gomez

Previously, Justin Bieber had a huge cross on his chest. However, religious symbols are not uncommon in the tattoo choice of the 20-year-old, which adorns, among other things, praying hands, a Jesus counterpart and the Hebrew word for Jesus.

Here we show Justin Bieber's hot encounter with Selena Gomez, after which he had himself tattooed a little later:

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