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Prince Charles: Harry, I'm your father!

When Harry was 13, Prince Charles had to tell him the truth ...
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Open conversation about rumors

You are not prepared for such a conversation. After unending speculation about whether Prince Harry (28) was the son of Diana's († 1997) lover James Hewitt (54), Prince Charles (64) felt compelled to talk to Harry ...

At that time, Prince Harry was just 13 years old. It should have been the summer before Harry followed his brother William (30) to the elite boarding school Eton, now writes the "Daily Mail".

It was a particularly difficult conversation for Prince Charles . He knew that Harry looked up at James Hewitt, who was a mentor to the smart cavalry officer.

But even before Harry went to Eton, he should find out the truth about who his father was. The rumors that swirled everywhere were just too mean, too hurtful.

Before that, Charles wanted to preserve Harry and took him to a serious conversation. In it he should have told Harry: The rumors are not true. I am your father .

Prince Harry is said to have listened carefully and attentively to the words of his father Charles. His opinion of James Hewitt should not have changed this - after all, one denied a possible paternity.

"I can assure you that I'm not, " Hewitt said back then. "Admittedly, his hair color is similar to mine and some people say we look alike, I never encouraged these comparisons and although I've spent a long time with Diana, I have to make it clear once and for all that I'm not Harry's dad." Harry had already been a toddler when he met Diana.

This openness held Harry his mentor, who told him as a child so many exciting war stories, probably good. But Hewitt then sold his story to the media, revealing every detail he knew about Diana. A bitter disappointment for the boy who once looked up to him.

At least one good thing had the story of that time: it has strengthened the cohesion between Prince Harry and his father Charles .

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