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Wedding shoes that we want to wear forever

These shoes are great - for the wedding or the next party! Sergio Rossi, seen at, about 690 euros.
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10 shoes that you can wear even after the wedding

The date has long been fixed, countless wedding magazines were rolled and tasted every frosting topping under the sun. Now one of the most important decisions still stands out: Which shoes do I wear for the wedding ?

Do not worry, we have 10 chic models that make not only the way to the altar even more beautiful - but even after that can still carry great!

Hip stud pumps from the designer - finally an excuse for why we buy these shoes NOW! IMMEDIATELY! need - modern cut-out models, metallic heels with hip rhinestone, classic in patent leather look or sweet strappy sandals: These shoes are so pretty that we want to wear them even after a long day.

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