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La dolce vita: The 10 best ice cream parlors in Germany

On the place of the favorite ice creams of the Germans: chocolate.
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  1. S Range ranking
  2. 1st place: The crazy ice cream maker in Munich
  3. 2nd place: E Gel O Sia in Koblenz (Rhineland-Palatinate)
  4. 3rd place: ice cream Vannini in Worms (Rhineland-Palatinate)
  5. 4th place: Caffe e Gelato in Berlin
  6. 5th place: Ballabeni in Munich
  7. 6th place: Caf Buy yourself happily in Berlin
  8. Seat 7: Caf Gelato Go in Heidelberg
  9. 8th place: San Remo in Erfurt
  10. Seat 9: Eiscaf Pia in D sseldorf
  11. 10th place: Old Bridge Gelateria in Stuttgart

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You love ice cream and do not want to be content with half-hearted creations? Creamy, creamy, yummy - we know the 10 best ice cream parlors in Germany.

It's never too cold for ice cream! In the pouring rain, warm sunshine or the deepest frost - a scoop of ice always leaves. Whether classic traditional or experimental Modern - tastes are different. And yet everyone agrees in one thing: It must be tasty!

The travel community tripadvisor has gone in search of the 'sweet life' and awarded the best ice cream parlor n .

1st place: The crazy ice cream maker in Munich

You need to get used to the ice creams Aperol-Sprizz and Basil-Erdbeere? Then you have not looked past the ice cream parlor 'Crazy Ice Makers' . There is white sausage and beer in frozen form - very traditional and Munich style! Even chocolate and coconut are among the exciting creations Triple Chocolate Cake and Raffaelo. Each variety is a sin value!

2nd place: E Gel O Sia in Koblenz (Rhineland-Palatinate)

Where do you get the ice with a spatula pressed into the waffle? In Italy. And in Koblenz: Bella Italia along the Rhine. The fruit ice cream and sorbet are especially popular. Strawberries still taste of fruit and chocolate of cocoa.

3rd place: ice cream Vannini in Worms (Rhineland-Palatinate)

A family business, as it stands in the book. And that for over 30 years. The recipe comes from mom, the passion too. Ice cream lovers can choose between 40 delicious varieties .

4th place: Caffe e Gelato in Berlin

In Berlin tradition meets modernity. Ice classics are refined to new and fresh ice creams - all homemade and organic . The great thing: a wide range of sugar and lactose-free ice cream . Here everyone is allowed to enjoy!

5th place: Ballabeni in Munich

You can not decide between all the delicacies? No problem! Ballabeni offers a very special service: you can try all that your heart beats. Whether the decision by the little snack really made easier? We are not completely sure and fear the opposite.

6th place: Café buy you happily in Berlin

There is only one thing that tastes even better than a scoop of ice cream: a scoop of ice cream with a freshly baked waffle. An irresistible duo that attracts visitors with a warm-hearted scent even before the ice cream parlor .

Seat 7: Café Gelato Go in Heidelberg

Here, the desire is read from the eyes. They say what they like, the ice cream parlor makes it possible. The offer of delicious ice cream creations is constantly changing, especially popular: pistachio. If it's too cold for a scoop of ice cream, you'll eat cocoa macaroons and rascals.

8th place: San Remo in Erfurt

A scoop of ice cream? Or two? Or three? There is a whole mug in Erfurt! The luscious ice cream cups not only look great, they also taste fantastic - for fresh fruits, crunchy nuts, fine liqueur and creamy ice cream.

Seat 9: Eiscafe Pia in Dusseldorf

If there is a place worth waiting for, then Pia. The best reward: a scoop of cookie ice cream - creamy, creamy and irresistibly delicious. And when the eyes were once again larger than the belly, it was not the multiple offer guilty, but the huge balls of ice.

10th place: Old Bridge Gelateria in Stuttgart

It not only bears the same name as the traditional Gelateria in Ro m, it tastes like this: The balls are big, the cream is free and the ice is perfect.

You are neither from Berlin nor from Munich? Make your own ice cream. Whether a fruity popsicle or a creamy ice cream in the cup - our recipes are irresistibly delicious.

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