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The Most Delicious 1-Day Diets on the World 24 Hour Diet: Take Away!

Diet for 24 hours, 1 kilo lighter. This works out! With the tastiest 1-day diets in the world. So you get rid of a few pounds quickly.

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  1. The cake day: Strengthen muscles and lose fat
  2. Purify and recharge your batteries with the Rice Poultry Day
  3. The pancake day heats the fat metabolism - for a whole week!
  4. The healthy diet tip

The cheesecake day: strengthen muscles and lose fat

A whole cake just for me? All the nutrients are included, and slim on top of that. What a 24-hour diet day !

Lose weight with cake, how is that supposed to work?

With cheesecake! In its lightest form it is pure protein . Without sugar, but with filling carbohydrates . So he brings you satisfied, full and super healthy and through the Diättag.

Is this something for me?

The answer is very simple in this case: If you like cakes and do not want to be in the kitchen on your 24-hour diet day : Yes.

My shopping list:

30 g of semi-fat butter, 40 g Stevia sugar (50% less calories), 1 Msp. Vanilla pulp, 1 egg (size M), 500 g low-fat curd cheese, 150 g applesauce, 3 tbsp soft wheat semolina, 25 g dried cherries, 2 tbsp almond flakes, 1 Pack. TK herbs, salt, pepper, 200 g vegetables for raw food of your choice.

This is how the cheesecake day works

The day before:

Bake gently: beat soft butter, stevia sugar, vanilla seeds and egg until foamy. Add 250 g curd, applesauce, semolina and cherries. Grease the tin, sprinkle with almonds. Pour in dough, bake at 175 ° C for approx. 35 minutes.

In the morning:

Coffee & cake: Cut the cooled cheesecake into 5 equal bars. 2 of them and a milk coffee are your gourmet breakfast today.


Snack when you want: The 3 remaining cheesecake bars can be eaten separately or together throughout the day whenever you like.

In the evening:

Herb quark: Mix 250 g quark with herbs and season with salt, pepper. Cut vegetables into sticks and enjoy with the quark as a dip.

Per day: approx. 950 kcal; E 83 g, F 29 g, KH 86 g

Purify and recharge your batteries with the Rice Poultry Day

It can be so delicious: In the morning there is rice with fruit juice, at noon and in the evening a large plate of fricassee.

Losing weight with my favorite food, how is that supposed to work?

Chicken fricassee is a popular classic. With fat-free broth and light roux he also makes a great figure as a slimming dish .

The reasons are obvious: dehydrating rice, low-calorie vegetables and plenty of chicken protein.

Is this something for me?

The taste of this 24-hour diet day is always good. Which is a great advantage for family managers, because with twice the amount of ingredients, the diet dish becomes a lunch for all.

My shopping list:

150 g long grain rice, salt, 100 g frozen raspberries, 1 pear, 1 organic lemon, stevia sweetener, 150 g chicken breast fillet, 250 ml broth, 1 carrot, 1 leek leek, 100 g mushrooms, 1 tsp. Semi-fat butter, 1 teaspoon flour, 100 ml of milk (1, 5% fat), 50 g of frozen peas, 1 small glass of salsify, pepper, nutmeg, Worcestershire sauce, 1 tbsp parsley.

This is how the rice poultry day works

In the morning:

Rice with fruit juice: Cook the rice in slightly salted water according to the instructions on the package. Puree berries and diced pear. Squeeze out 1/2 lemon. Mus Mus with juice and Stevia. In addition: 1/3 rice.


Chicken fricassee: cook meat in broth for about 25 minutes, remove, dice. Carrot in pens, cut leeks into rings. Halve mushrooms. Sweat the butter with flour. Deglaze with milk and chicken stock, bring to a boil. Cook vegetables while stirring. Add meat, season to taste with salt, pepper, nutmeg, Worcestershire, juice and ½ lemon. Warm up the rest of the rice from the morning, mix in the parsley. Half of it with half fricassee.

In the evening:

Stress-free enjoyment: rest of rice and fricassee warm, enjoy with tea.

Per day: approx. 890 kcal; E 57 g, F 8 g, KH 142 g

The pancake day heats the fat metabolism - for a whole week!

Eggs, milk and oat bran make a small, 24-hour diet that you can fill in no time at all.

Losing weight with pancakes, how is that supposed to work?

Eggs are underrated diet helpers. In the form of pancakes, they bring so much filling protein that the hunger is forgotten for 4 - 5 hours. We stir the dough with bran instead of flour. This plus in plant fibers also ensures a pleasant satiety.

Is this something for me?

Especially professionals and busy workers benefit from the opportunity to take the pre-baked pancakes. When filling you can get creative and combine fruits and vegetables as you wish.

My shopping list:

3 eggs (size M), 175 ml of milk (1.5% fat), 100 g of oat bran, salt, stevia sweetener, 1 teaspoon of oil, 1 kiwi, 1 apple, 1 baby pineapple, 150 g of yoghurt (1.5 % Fat), 1 romaine lettuce, 2 slices of cooked ham, 1 carrot, curry powder, 300 g of fresh vegetables of your choice.

This is how the pancake day works

In the morning:

Vitamin crepes: whisk eggs, milk, bran. Season with ½ tsp salt and a little stevia. Approximately Let rest for 10 minutes. Brush a small pan thinly with oil. Bake dough into 6 pancakes one after the other. Kiwi, apple and ½ pineapple dice. 100 g of yoghurt with stevia and possibly lemon and mint to taste. Fill 2 pancakes with fruit and yoghurt, keep the rest of the pancakes cool.


Ham wrap: grate the salad, dice the ham, grate the carrot, dice ½ pineapple. Season 50 g of yoghurt with curry and salt. Fill 2 pancakes with the ingredients, wrap into wraps.

In the evening:

Pancakes as I like them: stew vegetables or prepare salad, season with 2 pancakes.

Per day: about 860 kcal; E 65 g, F 29 g, KH 80 g

The healthy diet tip

The Light Products Mistake

Light products are in the supermarket like sand by the sea. Sensible to lose weight but are the least. Although everyone must by law contain at least 30% less calories, fat or sugar than the original product, they still remain calorie bombs.

The reason: Most are chips, sweetened milk products, salami, margarine or cookies.