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Sean O'Pry: 7 Meltdown Looks by Taylor Swift's "Lover"

Taylor Swift music video "Blank Space"

Seriously, the bad boy from Taylor Swift's new video "Blank Space" is way hotter than her ex Harry Styles, with whom she probably settles. We can not get enough of this guy!

Taylor Swift blank space Sean O'Pry
Photo: Vevo

The actor who plays his role in it is none other than Sean O'Pry, one of the most successful male models in the world. We have collected his 7 sharpest moments from the clip to the mercy and reveal 7 facts about the new object of our desire!

1. Sean O'Pry is 25 years old, 1.85 meters tall and comes from the American Southern States.

2. Sean O'Pry has been the official face of Calvin Klein for years.

3. Sean O'Pry is not in a music video for the first time. He has already appeared in Madonna's Girls Gone Wild.

4. In September 2013, Sean O'Pry was voted's most successful male model in the world

5. Back in 2009, "Forbes" voted him the most expensive male model in the world.

6. In the fashion industry, Sean O'Pry has a market value of $ 6.5 million.

7. The best news at the end: Despite his dazzling appearance, Sean O'Pry is not gay and reputedly still to have! 12 hot men's models and their dating potential shows the gallery:

Here's Taylor Swift's new music video "Blank Space" about earwig warfare and melting away:

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