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The whole truth about Austria's superstar!

Falco - the musician was a different person privately than on the stage: more reserved and almost shy.


11 years after the death of pop legend

What has not been said about him - there are hardly any who have such legends as Austria's superstar Falco († 41). But now his confidant and manager Horst Bork (60) has written a book about his life with the brilliant musician ("Rock me Amadeus"). And he reveals the truth in it ...

Falco's death:

The singer died in a car accident - many still believe in suicide. "Never, " says book author Horst Bork to NEW POST. The fact is, Falco drove off the parking lot at Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, overseeing a bus that was coming at an excessive speed.

The autopsy report was clear: Falco had drunk alcohol and taken drugs. Horst Bork: "Under normal circumstances he would have seen the bus, he was a prudent driver."

Falco's drug addiction:

"He left out little", so his friend Horst Bork. Falco tried again and again to get away from his alcohol, cocaine and tablet addiction.

Horst Bork: "He realized that this was not good for him, went to detoxification clinics in Vienna and abroad. But he only managed to stay drug-free for a maximum of one year. He then lived very healthy, doing sports, eating vegetarian. But at some point the relapse came. "

His enigmatic personality:

"He had two faces, " says Bork. "As a private person Hans Hölzel (so Falco's civil name, note of the Red.) He was a pleasant, almost shy person, with whom one could go well on vacation, who took care of his friends.

But he was also the superstar who lived out his excesses. "

His millions:

His mother Maria (84) was heir to a seven-figure sum. She lives in a home today, is in need of care after a stroke. Horst Bork: "After her death, there will probably be a Falco Foundation."

His great love:

This was despite all Falco's wife Isabella (divorce 1989). "That she defeated her daughter Katharina as a cuckoo kid was a big blow, " says Bork. "But he always suspected it. At some point, the doubts were overpowering, and so he had the paternity test in 1993. "

His escape to the Dominican Republic (Caribbean):

Two years before his tragic death Falco went to the Dominican Republic, he wanted to escape the constant bustle around his person. Horst Bork: "And he loved the sun, he had actually started a new life there. That's also why I do not believe in suicide. "

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