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The best medicinal plants for osteoarthritis

For arthrosis, medicinal plants have grown.
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  1. With the power of nature
  2. Juniper oil finally makes for quiet nights again
  3. Cream away the pain with arnica
  4. Stinging nettles flush toxins out of the body
  5. Completely start the day with rosemary
  6. Dandelion tea gives more flexibility
  7. Devil's claw protects the articular cartilage
  8. Horsetail strengthens bones and tissues

With the power of nature

Even the physicians were surprised by the results of their study: a herbal painkiller actually did much better than the synthetic active ingredient diclofenac, which is often used in the treatment of pain. The researchers had treated half of the 164 patients with osteoarthritis with a comfrey ointment (pharmacy), the other with diclofenac. Result: Particularly in terms of pressure and movement pain, the gentle herbal alternative was superior to classic analgesic therapy. Its healing power is due to the comfrey root of three ingredients: allantoin - it accelerates cell regeneration; Slime polysaccharides - they are attributed to soothing properties; and rosmarinic acid - it relieves pain and also contains agents that slow the joint wear. The advantage of such medicinal plant n : There are virtually no bills and side effects. We have put together the best natural joint protectors for you.

Juniper oil finally makes for quiet nights again

Osteoarthritis can seriously disturb your sleep. Juniper berries promote blood circulation, relieve the pain and thus significantly improve the quality of sleep.

The best course of treatment is for five weeks: Take in 2-3 capsules a day. In addition, you should rub the aching joints with juniper oil if necessary. All products are available in the pharmacy. Also recommended are 1-2 juniper baths, just add 2-3 handfuls of the berries into the water. The heat supports the healing effect.

Cream away the pain with arnica

Recent studies show that in patients with knee arthrosis, agility improved significantly after three weeks of treatment with arnica gel (pharmacy).

Responsible for this are plant substances such as essential oils, flavonoids and so-called sesquiterpene lactones, which fight swelling and inflammation directly in the joint. At the same time associated pain is significantly alleviated.

Apply the ointment several times a day. Alternatively, dilute 1 tbsp of arnica tincture (pharmacy) with 100 ml of water, soak the bandage cloth, place on the joint and dry-bond.

Stinging nettles flush toxins out of the body

The active ingredients of the green herb remove waste products, which can cause inflammation, from the body. In addition, the leaves provide important nutrients for healthy bones and cartilage : including silica and calcium.

To prevent a rheumatic spurt, drink a glass of nettle juice 3 times a day (health food store). For a pleasant taste: mix in some buttermilk or pear juice. It is also believed that the nettle poison of the hair has a pain-relieving effect, as it stimulates blood circulation in the joint (as an ointment, pharmacy).

Completely start the day with rosemary

The medicinal plant from the Mediterranean region is rich in tannins and bitter substances, which fight against inflammation.

For a pain-soothing warm bath: Pour 50 grams rosemary leaves with 1 liter of boiling water and leave for 15 minutes. Then pour through a sieve into the bath water. Since rosemary is stimulating, take a bath in the morning. Alternatively, you can massage painful joints gently with a rosemary tincture (pharmacy).

Dandelion tea gives more flexibility

The bitter substances and other valuable components of the yellow-flowering plant, such as flavonoids, stimulate cell metabolism. As a result, irritating and inflammatory substances are flushed out of the body.

For more agile joints, place 1-2 teaspoons in a glass of cold water in the morning and then bring to a boil for ten minutes, then strain gently. Best to use as a cure over a period of at least four weeks.

Devil's claw protects the articular cartilage

The African desert flower relieves pain and improves mobility, because it stops the protein degradation in the articular cartilage. Allantoin is responsible for this. Teufelskrallen preparations (pharmacy) have proven particularly effective in patients with chronic joint wear and tear. Because they are a side effect-free alternative to painkillers .

Tip: apply thick ointment, wrap the joint with a cloth - this way the body absorbs the active ingredients better.

Horsetail strengthens bones and tissues

The plant substances of the field horsetail stimulate the body's defenses, inflammations in the joints are better controlled. Slight cartilage damage can even heal. At the same time, the herb provides plenty of silicic acid, which is an important nutrient for strong bones and solid connective tissue - it comes back to more stability in the joints.

Recipe: Boil 2 tsp of field horsetail (pharmacy) in 150 ml of water for 30 minutes, drain. Drink 3 cups daily.

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