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DetoxBasenfasten: Losing weight, gaining energy

Basenfasten makes it possible: Losing weight without effort and without starving! Boost your metabolism and lose up to 2 kg - in 5 days.

Counting calories is superfluous if you choose basic foods.
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Extra chocolate, cookies, holiday roast, mulled wine - the past month has added a bit to our figure. Because: Especially the typical Christmas treats in the body acidifying, burden the metabolism. This quickly leads to extra pounds - and makes you tired and powerless.

Lose your kilos now fast, effectively and above all without effort or even starvation. On the contrary. You can eat properly with our new Basenfasten diet.

For five days there are three rich, delicious meals - and the extra kilos disappear by themselves.

THE MYSTERY: With the base-fast you rid your organism of stressing acids . The metabolism can restart and switch to fat loss mode. The energy returns, too. Depending on the starting weight you can lose up to 2 kilos.

Five days of base fasting

The basic diet is just one pillar of base tying . With these tips for every diet day, you'll also be mentally balanced.

START DAY Off on the scales

Get on the scales on start day - and then for the rest of the base fasts - no more. Because the weight can fluctuate from day to day. So do not be confused and weigh yourself again after the 5 days.

SECOND DAY A round of sports

Whether in the gym, while jogging or at home with a fitness video - come today - and preferably on the other days - at least half an hour to work up a sweat. Move in the fresh air, the daylight also helps to release good mood happiness substances.

THIRD DAY Rest in the evening

Make a quiet evening and deliberately leave out TV, smartphone and computer. This helps to calm down and reduces stress. And thus you promote a restful sleep.

FOURTH DAY Time for something new

Do something beautiful today that you have wanted to do for some time, such as: For example, visit an exhibition or shop in peace - a helpful distraction, when the sweet hunger comes and you get tempted.

LAST DAY A small reward

Finally done! On your last base diet day, look forward to your success and treat yourself to something good as a reward. A massage, a bouquet of flowers, a visit to the beautician or whatever balm is for your soul. Also a good idea: take a relaxing and detoxifying bath with base powder (pharmacy).

How to eat basic

Turn your metabolism into turbo gear - with these simple tricks you optimize the fat loss

Fruit for breakfast

Start with two handfuls of fruit in the day. If you like, make a fruit salad from it and add a tablespoon of ground nuts over the fruit.

Dressing without vinegar

Replace vinegar in salad dressing with less acidic ingredients such as lemon or orange juice. Vary the taste with different oils and herbs.

After 14 clock no raw food more

Whether smoothies, fruit or vegetable salad - enjoy raw until 14 clock. After that, the digestive burden on the metabolism, which can lead to bloating. Eat vegetables in the evening rather stewed.

Season with herbs

Fresh herbs contain a lot of metabolic activating vital substances - and you save salt, which binds water in the body.

Drink a lot

About 3 liters of still water or herbal tea are ideal. You forget to drink? Set your cell phone timer to every full hour.


All vegetable such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, legumes, mushrooms, seedlings, seeds, nuts, almonds, pistachios, macadamia nuts, rice, quinoa, tofu


All animal protein such as meat, fish and seafood, eggs, dairy products, processed cereal products such as bread and pasta, yeast products, sweets, sugar, coffee, black tea, energy drinks, lemonade, fruit juice, cola, alcohol

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