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Sports-style! Fashion goes fitness

Fashion goes sports! On the runway of Alexander Wang
Photo: Getty Images

Long live the sport - and the look that looks like it!

Sport and fashion have always been a good team. But what the designers have to offer for next season is way too good a secret to hide in the gym. Streetwear is going to be cool and athletic!

Warm-up work in terms of fashion: Alexander Wang mixes sports - with high-fashion and gets a casual glamor look, which ensures not only sprinters for pulse turf.

For example, there are mesh inserts, cool ankle boots, fast-paced sweatpants for the city runway. Plus: chic dresses with casual sports details.

An uncomplicated look that has "borrowed" cool details from serious sportswear: breathable, high-tech materials, euphoric colors and crisp cuts that go with every action. Very chic: instead of sneakers high heels !

In the gallery: even more styling ideas from the runway and the sport style to buy.