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LinkedUp: Perfect Online Dating App for Workaholics?

With LinkedUp LinkedIn users should find their partner for life.
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The search for the man for life is not a picnic. But hard work. Maybe that was the case, because thanks to social media and clever app developers it seems easy to find one today. It takes little effort and, believe it, everyone, whether an outdoor junkie, foodie or strict believer, finds his perfect counterpart. Theoretically, at least.

Now there is even an online dating opportunity exclusively for the LinkedIn community : The new app LinkedUp!, uses the LinkedIn information to create a profile, unlike Facebook-based apps like Tinder and Swoon. Similar to Tinder, but also with LinkedUp! a lot of meaningless wiping over the display. LinkedUp! describes himself as "the smart new way to data".

The thing is: The LinkedUp! App is not a LinkedIn product of LinkedIn. So is there a lawsuit here soon? After all, the app uses the data without LinkedIn having any of it. In addition questionable: Do we need the same information with the Dating, as with the job search? Where is the romance left?

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