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The Bra Size Check: Are you wearing the right bra?

Bra from underlayed lace, about 25 euros, and matching hipster briefs, about 15 euros. Both parts of BEE DEES. Mohair cardigan by MARC CAIN, approx. 300 Euro.
Photo: Timothy Barnes

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Do you have a neck or headache? That too could be due to the wrong bra! So that in the future nothing pinches and tweaks, here is the bra sizes check!

80% of women wear bras that do not suit them. Are you one of them? Take the test ...


For the bra size, this is the number before the letter, eg 80. If you have chosen correctly, test it like this:

Check # 1: Bend down and come up again. Has the back of your bra now slid up? Then try a bra with a smaller underbust.

Check # 2: S does the lower band cut in after some time and leaves impressions? Ouch, off in the linen store of your confidence. You need a bra with a larger underbust

Check # 3: Jump up and down for a moment. Does the band still sit properly horizontally afterwards? Thumbs up! Your bra really has the right underbust circumference for you.

Bra Size Check: THE BODY SIZE

The betrays the letter behind the number, so for example the C. Whether you give your breast too much or too little space, test it like this:

Check # 1: Your cups stand off the side slightly and throw small wrinkles? We have to disappoint you now. You need a smaller cup size.

Check # 2: Your breasts are squeezed slightly over the bra edge and pressed into the cup flat? Then bear the baskets one size bigger with a proud chest!

Check # 3: The bra cups completely encircle the breast, support and shape them? Hit. Everything done right.

We hope you enjoy your search for your new favorite bra!

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