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The new superfood: pea milk

Vegetable milk is healthy - whether almonds, soy, coconut, oats, rice or just peas
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  1. Why milk from peas?
  2. How does she taste?
  3. Where to buy it?

Does pea milk drive out soy & Co.?

More and more Germans are replacing classic cow's milk with herbal milks. After almond, coconut, hemp, rice, spelled and soy milk, the next type of milk comes onto the market: pea milk.

Why milk from peas?

It has as many proteins as cow's milk (about 8 grams per glass) - but with 50% more calcium. In addition, pea milk contains half as much sugar (6 g) as ordinary milk (12 g), and with a whopping 30% vitamin D, it also trumps cow's milk (20% vitamin D).

Other specials: Pea milk contains 32 milligrams of the healthy omega-3 fatty acids and has less calories (75 per glass) than skimmed milk (86 per glass) because it is low in fat and high in fiber!

And of course, the pea milk is lactose- and gluten-free, contains no traces of nuts and is 100% vegan.

How does she taste?

Creamy-sweet - and not peas - according to the manufacturer Ripple Foods. The pea flavor and a green color is prevented by the addition of water, stabilizers and sunflower oil.

Pea milk is said to come in different flavors in the trade: original, original without sugar, vanilla and chocolate.

Where to buy it?

The pea milk comes on May 2, 2016 in the US on the market ($ 4.99 for 1.42 liters). In addition, other pea milk products are to hit the market, such as yoghurts, cheese or protein shakes.

When to buy in Germany is not yet known. Conquers the pea milk but afloat the American market, it can be sure to see us soon ...

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